Strong-Bridge Consulting joins Washington’s 17th Attorney General, Rob McKenna in support of Hope Lights, a multigenerational community designed to provide children in kinship and foster care with permanent homes

Seattle, WA (PRWeb) September 9, 2014 — Strong-Bridge LLC announced that it has signed up as a Gold Sponsor again this year for the Many Lights Annual Benefit.

Proceeds from the Many Lights Annual Benefit further the development of Hope Lights, a multigenerational community where children in foster care, find permanent loving homes with adoptive parents, and kinship families, and elders find a supportive place to call home.

Hear inspirational stories about the value of Hope Lights. Guest speaker Rob McKenna, Washington’s 17th Attorney General, will make the case for a multigenerational community such as Hope Lights. With over 15 years’ experience working in the public sector, his perspective is unique and helps define the value of a neighborhood like this — not just for the kids, families, and elders who live at Hope Lights but for our state and local communities as well.

Many Lights Annual Benefit

Sunday, September 28 from 10:30 a.m. to Noon

Emerald Downs in Auburn, WA

To reserve a seat visit:  Many Lights Annual Benefit (

In Washington State, there are over 60,000 children who lack the stability, comfort, and love that a family provides. These children do not live with either birth parent and are bounced from home to home. Some have been swept into foster care while others live with relative caregivers outside of the state run system.

Over 2,800 children are eligible for or are waiting to be adopted. Only about four in ten of these kids will be adopted. The rest will age out of the system at age 18 and, many times, are ill equipped to heal from their childhood pain or handle the challenges they will face as adults.

Hope Lights Community is an innovative solution that will help more kids find forever families.  It is a solution that enables multiple adoptions within one household, helps keep sibling groups together, and provides long lasting connections for all within a community of supportive parents and elders. Though the true focus is kids — parents will have help and guidance, elders will find purpose and meaning, and future generations will experience greater opportunity — everyone in the community benefits.

About Many Lights

Many Lights mission is to heal the pain of abuse and neglect in children by providing children in kinship and foster care with permanent homes in a multigenerational community. Many Lights vision is to see every child in our community nurtured in a loving home so they may become productive members of our society, thus many lights shining in the world. Hope Lights Community is how the mission and vision will be realized. A well-designed and carefully planned multigenerational community benefits all residents and our local community. It makes sense and is based on a successful model that has already proven to be effective. Hope Meadows, our inspiration and model for success, has a success rate with over 90% of children being adopted or reunited with their parents.

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