LiSuan Poh, Headshot

Strong-Bridge Consulting is excited to announce the addition of LiSuan Poh to their Atlanta office. Poh, whose background is steeped in wireless, technology, and innovation, will be responsible for key technology accounts, as well as leading the charge to grow and expand the firm’s technology capabilities in Atlanta.

“LiSuan’s technology background is not only deep, but is applied in many different areas,” noted Atlanta’s Managing Director Patricia Camden. “She is accomplished, but she’s also savvy and understands technology’s implications to business long term. She’ll be a huge asset to our team.”

Poh has spent 20 years in technology, both in product management and in creating, realizing, and deploying solutions. Eleven of those years were in wireless. Most recently, she was with Cricket Wireless, where she was on the ground floor with overall responsibility for driving the delivery of the technical solution for their mobile network. Poh has been awarded two patents in mobile network design.

“What I enjoy most about my field is the intersection of people and technology — using that juncture to problem solve and bring new opportunities to market,” said Poh. “I’m thrilled to be applying my experience to new industries and client challenges at Strong-Bridge.”

Poh cites the firm’s values as a significant selling point for making the transition to consulting. “They take their values seriously, and they align perfectly with how I conduct both life and business. It’s a great match,” elaborated Poh.

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