Strong-Bridge Consulting joins Walsh Construction Company as a major sponsor for 2015

Seattle, WA (September 21, 2015) — Strong-Bridge Consulting LLC announced that it has joined forces with Walsh Construction Company in helping the Many Lights Foundation succeed in building Hope Lights — a multigenerational neighborhood where children from foster and kinship care find forever families, adoptive and relative caregivers have access to services to help them raise their kids, and seniors live with meaning and purpose by giving back to youth and families.



This innovative concept is based on a proven model and is established on the principle that a community of caring and connected individuals can heal and enrich each other’s lives. Hope Lights is a unique and cooperative multigenerational neighborhood with 40 affordable residences for adults over 55 years of age and 12 homes for kinship and those families adopting children from foster care. It will include a community center, counseling and tutoring spaces, library and computer rooms, plus gardens and play areas. Universal design principles and green building technologies are incorporated into all design.

For more information or to make a donation to help build Hope Lights, please visit:

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