Technology is a strategic asset

Technology sits at the center of many critical business decisions. It can pave the way toward powerful experiences with customers and help define how your business will run, inside and out. And the pace changes rapidly — demanding an attention that extends well beyond typical day-day-responsibilities. From solution architecture to systems delivery to DevOps, there is a critical demand for a high level of capability, speed and agility, combined with the business acumen to deliver bottom line results.

It’s our job to keep up and look ahead for our clients’ businesses. We’re experienced technologists who bring a fresh perspective to the challenge. Our many years and breadth of experience across verticals help clients design and deliver on their most pressing technology needs— to do business better, deliver on customer needs and expectations, and help teams and organizations work better together.

Our technology services include

  • Solution and technical architecture
  • Technology assessment and roadmap
  • Cloud enablement
  • IoT, mobile, & location
  • Product Delivery Transformation (Agile, microservices, DevOps)


We always start with two critical business questions that, while perhaps unusual for technologists to ask, ensure we provide the very best solutions for our clients: “Why?” and “What?” Specifically, we seek to understand why the client is embarking on a technical initiative and what outcome will define success. This approach ensures our work is grounded in the business drivers for the project. Using enterprise architecture principles, we then work to fully understand all nuances of the initiative. Only once we have fully explored all aspects of the challenge do we consider potential technology solutions. Since we are technology-agnostic, we always look for the right solution for a specific client need rather than allowing loyalty or bias to a tool to guide our decisions. Our focus on delivery is both rigorous and nimble, pairing our expertise with the most current methodologies for the technology being deployed. Our project and program management are built on a legacy of ensuring the strategies we recommend are ones that can be delivered in a reasonable timeframe and at a realistic cost.

Kent Corley

Practice Director, Technology Services

Kent has many years of experience building and deploying complex technology solutions in a variety of industries, using on premises and cloud-based delivery models. Kent started his career as a software developer, working with several large telecommunication carriers. He then made the move consulting, working with a big three consulting firm and earning their “Master Technical Architect” distinction. Today at Strong-Bridge, Kent brings his rich experience to a variety of client challenges — helping them solve really big, hairy business and technology problems, and plot a successful course for the future. Outside of work, you’re likely to find Kent in the great outdoors, where he puts aside technology to enjoy disconnected time with his family.
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