With over 15 years of experience in customer experience and research, Sandra has provided strategic insight and management for some of the top global consumer and business brands. Prior to taking her role at Strong-Bridge, Sandra was at Equifax, where she was responsible for the measurement and evaluation of the customer experience across the global enterprise. Her prior experience showcases her diverse skillset, representing brand-side work as well as agency and consulting for companies as varied as Georgia Pacific, Wells Fargo, and Kraft Foods. Research and insights sparked her journey to customer experience, though her roles and responsibilities have also encompassed strategic marketing, digital, and innovation.

A strong believer that everyone deserves an amazing experience, she is most passionate about helping her clients unlock their CX potential. As she works to get to the heart of customer needs, she makes the overwhelming seem manageable through a thoughtful and organized approach. That’s the magic of her superpower: helping her clients clearly identify every step needed to deliver amazing experiences. Her experience and persistence enable her to turn the most overwhelming and complicated initiatives into success stories.

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