On the journey to customer experience excellence, every organization has a secret weapon: their employees. Whether they work directly with customers or are more behind the scenes, your employees have the deepest understanding of how customers experience your brand. So the question becomes, “How?” How can your organization tap into and leverage this rich source of customer knowledge and gain a connected view of your customer experience across the business, not just within departmental silos?

Our 6-8 week CX Quick Start engages employees at a variety of levels within an organization to develop a Customer Journey Map and CX roadmap. Our comprehensive, employee-involved workshops energize people across departments and encourage them to work together in the creation of an amazing customer experience.  This high-energy, high-impact project is designed to:

  • Align team around the current state of the Customer Journey across departments and functions
  • Identify areas of excellence and opportunities for CX improvements
  • Prioritize and sequence identified opportunity areas
  • Increase cross-departmental employee engagement
  • Connect employees to the corporate vision and CX strategy


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“The Strong–Bridge team was able to very quickly engage with our Leadership and employee teams and hit the ground running. From our initial meetings, they were extremely engaging, focused, strategic- and fun! The work they delivered was top notch – strategic yet detailed, and it was clear they had very quickly gotten to know our business.  The employee engagement sessions, journey map and CX roadmap deliverables will be foundational to our efforts to create an amazing customer experience.”
— Manon Brochu, General Manager & Vice President

Read the Gas South case study to learn more

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