Seattle-based consulting firm Strong-Bridge has announced the promotion of two consultants to lead their redeveloped services offering. Danyel LaGow will lead the Customer Excellence Practice Area, and Kent Corley will lead Technology Services.

The firm has been working to re-energize their services to best meet the evolving needs of their clients. The updated offering will feature three key practice areas— Customer Excellence, Business Transformation, and Technology.

“Danyel and Kent are two of Strong-Bridge’s best and brightest,” said Atlanta Managing Director, Patricia Camden. “Not only do they have a long tenure in their respective disciplines, they are also natural leaders— both as thought leaders and mentors.”

LaGow, who has been with the firm since 2007, began to focus her attention on customer experience when she realized the benefits her clients were seeing in initiatives that tapped into things like employee engagement and customer journey mapping. “The lights really come on when you’re working with a client on a journey map,” explained LaGow. “There is no better way to optimize success than when you center your focus on the customer—and when you involve your employees in the process.”

Corley, a career technologist, is also a business leader. “It takes a special kind of acumen to blend both the needs and requirements of the technology world with a business bottom line, and Kent has that ability,” described Camden. Corley will be helping Strong-Bridge fine tune the areas of focus in technology, with product delivery transformation as a focal point of his approach. “There is a lot of pressure to go to market fast,” said Corley. “Our approach will help clients meet their customers’ demands through meaningful guidance on both the technology and business outcomes— and the strategy to implement with success.”

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