Marnie has an established career in business, leadership, and technology — including a 22-year tenure at Microsoft — as well as roles at Intel and Waggener-Edstrom. She’s also a Certified Professional Coactive Coach, which is something she brings to her current role at Strong-Bridge. As a consultant, Marnie uses all aspects of her experience to foster innovation and solve problems for a number of diverse organizations. It should be no surprise, then, that something she loves about her job is the variety and the ability to tap into an array of personal and professional experiences to meet the needs of her clients.  

About that superpower… Love. When Marnie is working with clients (or anyone, in fact), it’s vital to her that she gets to know them really well. She feels privileged when people allow her to experience what makes them unique. Naturally, as a consultant, this helps her develop the type of rich connections that allow her to meaningfully understand the needs, wants, and desires of her clients. It’s what makes her so successful.  

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