Eric is as passionate about his work as he was when he started with Strong-Bridge back in 2007. In fact, his entire career is marked by a drive to help others succeed. It’s why he has spent nearly two decades in consulting. He loves the challenge, the variety, and the opportunities he has had to serve clients at all levels and in a wide swath of industries.  Over the years, Eric has helped businesses tackle some of their most important enterprise initiatives, developed and launched new products, and solved complex technical and business issues. He truly enjoys delving into the finest details of his clients’ issues and opportunities, and then helping them create and drive solutions to achieve their strategic objectives. Assess, plan… then suit up and do whatever it takes.

X-Ray Vision is Eric’s superpower. No, not the comic book kind. The metaphorical variety that is learned over time and fined tuned with every new client interaction. Eric has the unique ability to diagnose issues by partnering closely with teams, and by digging deep— looking beyond the surface.

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