By Ken Simpson

In an article for Consulting magazine, Strong-Bridge’s Ken Simpson spoke to the desire for multifaceted talent attributes among consulting leaders. In the article, summarized below, Ken looks for four skills and experience areas that are important to identify in new hires. These skills will become even more vital in the near future.

Brand and Customer Experience Strategy
Simpson views this expertise as a potential competitive differentiator as consultants field increasing requests to clarify a client’s brand promises and then to define and deploy the right strategies, processes, technologies, and people to help the client live up to that promise.

Complex Program Leadership
Strategy is critical, but execution is often more difficult. Ken expects demand to increase for consultants who can plan and lead complex transformational expertise programs for their clients.

Given the complexity of IT and network systems in the communications industry, application, mobile, and integration architects remain highly valuable.

Security Specialists
The proliferation of connected devices increases security risks. For example, “sports bands wearers may be unwittingly transmitting personal data through unsecure connections.” Ken adds, “Security architects and specialists will continue to be in demand [because] security models must evolve.”

Read more from Ken in throughout this article.

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