When Strong-Bridge was named to Consulting’s Fastest Growing Consulting Firms list this year, the magazine sat down with Seattle’s Managing Director Matt Howe for a short interview. In it, Matt discusses what has driven the company’s growth over the last few years, as well as what the future holds. See the interview in the magazine here.

Strong-Bridge Consulting tackles complicated business, customer, and technology transformation challenges by working alongside our clients to drive positive and sustainable business results. “We roll up our sleeves in our three practice areas— Customer Experience, Technology Services, and Business Transformation— to help our clients create and implement successful solutions,” says Matt Howe, Managing Director, Seattle for Strong-Bridge Consulting. Howe sat down with Consulting to discuss Strong-Bridge’s financial performance, growth and outlook for the year ahead.

Consulting: What were the biggest factors that contributed to your firm’s rapid growth?

Howe: We’re values-led, customer-minded. Our work is always anchored on our values— chief among them is being “clients first.” That means we strive to do the right thing for our clients best interests, always. We also put the customer at the center of our work to ensure that the goals our clients set are in accordance with the expectations of their customers, but also achievable by an engaged group of internal employees. We have proven expertise, and we’re local. Our consultants are experienced professionals who are both pragmatic (and, fun to be around, because that really does matter). Our approach is rooted in transparency and collaboration— we get in the trenches to best understand our clients’ opportunities, people, issues, and limitations. And, we routinely leverage our experience in customer experience and process design to meet customer needs. We’re also local. Our team members are a part of your community, and ready and available to work when you are.

Consulting: How would you describe your firm’s outlook for 2018? Where do you see the most opportunities?

Howe: We are excited about 2018. The addition of Envision expands our market footprint and adds new capabilities, including a deep bench of talent on change management and human capital. We will also continue to grow our practice areas and expand thought leadership in those disciplines.

Consulting: What would you say are your firm’s biggest challenges in 2018?

Howe: I think our biggest challenges will be managing growth through healthy, strategic planning. And, as is often the case when with talent-based companies, there will be battles for talent. We are located in tight job markets, so the on-going challenge will be to hire and, most importantly, retain the best professionals in our industry.

Consulting: What does being named one of Consulting’s Fastest Growing Firms mean to your firm, your employees, and your clients?

Howe: Each time Strong-Bridge makes this list is a tremendous honor. We’re proud of the work we accomplish as a firm— it requires team work, client focus, and plenty of determination. Recognition such as this is a great demonstration of everything coming together. Of course, these recognitions are also the reinforcement we like to hear as we continue to ramp up growth in the years to come.




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