Femi Lakeru

In his technology PMO at T-Mobile, Jeff leads a number of initiatives each year, all of which demand a certain level of urgency and a team of people with specific skills and experience to create success. Leading people is a big part of what Jeff enjoys about his role — developing people, building strong teams, and using both to do great work.

Jeff has been a Strong-Bridge client for nearly five years, often calling on the firm when he has a particularly complex project. He trusts that his consultants are carefully picked to provide the right experience, attitude, and culture-fit — and that his and his PMO’s needs will always be first. “Clients first” — it’s a Strong-Bridge value that is lived out every day at T-Mobile.


Jeff’s career began more than two decades ago in non-profit, where he worked as a layout designer for a medical publisher. The web was in its infancy at the time, and it got his attention. Over the next few years, he shifted from programming and interactive design to the web. Several years later, his career includes his current tenure at T-Mobile as well as program and project management roles at Starbucks and Microsoft. His career is rooted in solving technical challenges and making complex technical concepts easier to understand. He’s excited about the impact T-Mobile is having on the industry as a whole and his role in continually improving the company’s customer experience to make it the best it can possibly be.

What He’s Paying Attention To

As T-Mobile shifts steadily toward a holistic view of customer engagement, the customer-driven approach to relationships is a topic that has Jeff’s attention. Rather than viewing an interaction with the customer as “in store” or “online”, it is becoming increasingly important for T-Mobile, and Jeff’s PMO, to focus on a customer’s total experience, and their expectations regardless of platform.


Jeff is a father of five. He has also spent years on a large-scale home renovation, which is (fingers crossed) nearing completion. Needless to say, he’s busy. And while you wouldn’t exactly say home remodeling is his hobby, it did spur one. Jeff picked up woodworking to supplement his interior remodel — and realized it is something he truly enjoys. And if this weren’t enough, Jeff is also an avid guitar collector and aspiring player.

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