Christine is an experienced leader and organizational change agent. Her varied career is emphasized by a strong focus on sparking growth, fostering change, and guiding decisions that help businesses (and people) operate more efficiently. Prior to Strong-Bridge, Christine spent more than a decade in executive leadership for the YMCA, where she was responsible for growth, as well as a multitude of other initiatives, including fundraising and process improvement. Like her role at Strong-Bridge today, she also worked with leadership to affect culture change and implemented plans to help the organization run more smoothly. For Strong-Bridge clients today, Christine focuses on driving efficiencies while improving the customer experience, optimizing resource utilization, implementing cross enterprise change, driving operational improvements, and deploying performance metrics and reporting tools. Her success is in large part due to her “superpower” — her innate ability (and passion) for listening and understanding. When it comes to big complex initiatives, particularly those that involve a large degree of change, it is vital to not only listen, but also deeply understand what is being said. Christine has turned this into a craft, helping turn her clients’ visions into actionable realities.

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