We look for professionals who are compelled by our values and who are passionate about leading client organizations through their biggest transformation and business initiatives. For us, it’s experience that makes the difference. Experience in industry, business, and life — because it’s all of these things that shape who you are as a person and as a professional. Strong-Bridge consultants use every aspect of their lives to create success in their client relationships. If you’re one of those people, we’d like to hear from you.



It’s important to us that the work we take on be right for the firm and right for our consultants — because we believe that when people are challenged, appreciated, and supported, they do their best work. It’s also important to us that our consultants feel part of our team, even if they spend a large portion of their time with a client. So we host periodic knowledge sharing sessions, social events, and thrice-yearly all-company gatherings we call “Thirdlys.” Every bit of this is intentional because we’re only as good as the people we hire. And we’re only as successful as the people we keep.

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