Beatrice has over 20 years experience launching, valorizing, and protecting products and organizations. Highly experienced in driving strategy and execution of high-impact public relations, communications and marketing programs, Beatrice is a problem solver, obsessed with creating impactful programs that are driven by results. She has a comprehensive background in technology and knows how to evolve with agility in a fast-paced environment.

In the spirit of aligning work and passion, Beatrice decided to take the next step with one her hobbies: to “go public” with cooking while continuing her marketing and communication career. The daily activity of cooking is something special for Beatrice, and something that can be experienced as a vehicle for self-expression and creativity. Home-cooked meals may not be the kind of works of art you find in museums or concert halls, but the essence of it is the same: combining ideas with a sense of purpose and creativity and, as a result, receiving and giving insight from and to the world around us.

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