Aleksandra is passionate about finding solutions to her customers’ business challenges. She has served clients nationwide in financial services, legal, IT, healthcare and manufacturing industries, non-profit, and public sectors for 20 years. Aleksandra has a science and analytical background with a BS in Chemistry and BA in Physics. Early in her career, colleagues told her she was too much of a people person to stay working in a lab. They encouraged her to cross over to the business side, starting with several CRM roles followed by marketing leadership. It was during that time she obtained a Technology Management MBA from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. Her management consulting career has been focused on program and project leadership, change management, and process improvement projects.

Aleksandra is a high-energy person, driven by a can-do attitude and innate need to connect to the true motivators of the people around her. She believes people are people, all made out of the same material, with dreams, joys, frustrations and pain; and that titles, roles, and status are not what defines our value. If you get to talk with Aleksandra, you’ll surely hear her ask, “What’s the next thing you are looking forward to? What will put a smile on your face?” Then, she will genuinely be interested to learn your response.

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